Ugly Lies the Bone Tickets

Come one, come all, the tickets for Florida Players second fall production “Ugly Lies the Bone” are now live! Go to the link below to grab them now!

12 Angry Jurors Tickets

Come one, come all, the tickets for Florida Players first fall production Twelve Angry Jurors are now live! Go to the link below to grab them now!

Due to budgetary constraints, this will be the first year Florida Players is charging for tickets but fear not, if you would like free tickets you can work as a house manager or usher! Please inquire with for house managing and ushering opportunities!

Next to Normal Tickets

Hi everyone! SO sorry about the confusion with NTN Tickets. Our Facebook page will keep you guys updated when we are ready to release those tickets… we just ran into a couple of issues but don’t fear!! Tickets will go up!! Here are the show times for Next to Normal, playing April 12-14! There are only FOUR shows, so as soon as we release tickets be sure to secure your spot! Physical sign ups in the SOTD hallway will be posted as soon as the tickets go live online.


Friday April 12th at 8 pm

Saturday April 13th at 3 and 8 pm

Sunday April 14th at 3 pm

I am looking for one house manager and one usher for each show, which is a GREAT way to earn some easy points, secure a ticket to enjoy the show, and meet some new people. No experience required. As always, email me with any questions 🙂

Madi Lucido

FP Webmaster

columbinus Tickets are LIVE

Hi Everyone!

columbinus tickets are now live!! This show will be playing March 29th-31st at five different times! Don’t miss out! Link is below!

DISCLAIMER: If tickets sell out online, we will have physical sign ups posted in the SOTD hallway. If you cannot get a physical ticket in the hallway, STILL SHOW UP TO THE SHOW YOU WOULD LIKE TO SEE!!! We want to maximize our audiences and we always have empty seats for those who come standby! Thanks guys!! Reach out with any and all questions

Madi Lucido

Hello FP!

Hi everyone! In regards to ticket sales, the website is sold out for Friday and both shows on Saturday. However, there are still physical sign ups that we have posted in SOTD and they will remain there until Friday before the show. So if you wanted to see one of those showings, go get your name on those physical sign ups!

Looking forward to seeing you all this weekend for the showings of Cuckoo’s Nest!!

Madi Lucido