Points Breakdown

New members must obtain 10 points their first year. Returning members need to obtain 10 points per year to retain their membership.

Production and Performance:

Directing: 6 points

Assistant Directing: 5 points

Writer: 4-5 points (4 points for 10 minute New Works)

Producing: 3 points

Scene/ Costume/ Lighting/ Projection/ Sound/ Hair/ Makeup Design: 4 points

Poster Design: 2 points

Design advisor/ assistant: 3 points

Stage Managing: 5 points

Assistant Stage Managing: 4 points

Musical Directing: 5 points

Assistant Musical Directing: 4 points

Choreography: 4 points

Musician: 3 points

Dance/ Fight Captain: 3 points

Acting: 4 points

Props Master: 4 points

Sound Board Operator: 3 points

Light Board Operator: 3 points

Production Assistant: 3 points

Run Crew: 3 points

Participating in a Build/Load-In/Strike: 1 – 4 points (Based on involvement and time spent)

House managing: 2 points

Ushers: 1 point


Social Events: 1 point

Mentor: 2 point

Mentee: 1 point

Workshops: 1 point

Meeting attendance: 1 point  

Committee Member: 2-3 points

If you’re a member, you’re allowed to:

Vote or run for E-Board

Be a mentor

Not a member but think you should be?

Email the secretary and see what you have done and what you can do to become or stay a voting member