Points Breakdown

New members must obtain 10 points their first year to earn full membership. Returning members need to obtain 10 points per year to retain their membership.

Production and Performance:

Directing: 6 points

Assistant Directing: 5 points

Writer: 4-5 points (4 points for 10 minute New Works)

Producing: 3 points

Scene/ Costume/ Lighting/ Projection/ Sound/ Hair/ Makeup Design: 4 points

Poster Design: 2 points

Design advisor/ assistant: 3 points

Stage Managing: 5 points

Assistant Stage Managing: 4 points

Musical Directing: 5 points

Assistant Musical Directing: 4 points

Choreography: 4 points

Musician: 3 points

Dance/ Fight Captain: 3 points

Acting: 4 points

Props Master: 4 points

Sound Board Operator: 3 points

Light Board Operator: 3 points

Production Assistant: 3 points

Run Crew: 3 points

Participating in a Build/Load-In/Strike: 1 – 4 points (Based on involvement and time spent)

House managing: 2 points

Ushers: 1 point


Social Events: 1 point

Mentor: 2 point

Mentee: 1 point

Workshops: 1 point

Meeting attendance: 1 point  

Committee Member: 2-3 points

If you’re a member, you’re allowed to:

Vote or run for E-Board

Be a mentor

Not a member but think you should be?

Email the secretary and see what you have done and what you can do to become or stay a voting member