Diversity and Inclusion Goals

Florida Players and its Executive Board is committed to holding ourselves accountable in creating an inclusive space for all individuals to create. We believe that this means keeping ourselves informed and being transparent in our plans for actionable change. This document, revised by the 2022-2023 Executive Board outlines the goals, commitments, and policies upheld by Florida Players in an effort to support diversity and inclusion within our membership moving forward.

  1. It is required that all executive board members attend a diversity and inclusion training workshop. This workshop will be chosen by the Associate Artistic Director and approved by the Artistic Director at the start of each academic year. The general body will be made aware of their choice and encouraged to attend as well.
    1. It is required that directors, stage managers, and producers complete this workshop by the time of their first rehearsal.
  2. Florida Players will host a Town Hall at the last GBM of each active semester where members of our community will have the opportunity to voice their concerns, make suggestions, and ask questions. 
  3. Florida Players will remain transparent in all actions to promote diversity and inclusion and further antiracism efforts. It is the responsibility of the Artistic Director to communicate this to the general body and greater community at the first GBM of the semester. The Director of Publicity and Webmaster must make any documents outlining these efforts accessible through Florida Players social channels and website.
    1. It is the responsibility of the Historian to archive any antiracism resources or research that the Executive Board collects. 
  4. The Director of Outreach will maintain a reciprocal relationship with and create a culture of support for cultural and identity-focused organizations and associations affiliated with the University of Florida. This includes but is not limited to Multicultural & Diversity Affairs, Asian Pacific Islander Desi Affairs, Black Affairs, Hispanic-Latinx Affairs, Pride Student Union, and Women’s Student Association.
  5. In an effort to support diversity and inclusion, Florida Players will continue to update and maintain our library of written works to include works written by BIPOC, women, LGBTQIA+, and disabled individuals. The Executive Board will ensure the general body has access to the library before season proposals close.
  6. Selection Committees must consider and question diversity when selecting shows to be produced by Florida Players. The Executive Board reserves the right to cancel a production chosen by the selection committee if it is deemed to be harmful.
  7. A dramaturg must be attached to each production. It is the responsibility of the dramaturg to thoroughly research the history and implications behind the production.
  8. Stage Managers must read the Florida Players anti-racism statement at the start of the first rehearsal of a production. First rehearsals will conclude with a company meeting where the actors elect a company liaison to communicate grievances with the production team. 
  9. All designers will be provided resource materials on diversity, prepared by the Technical Director(s), Production Manager(s), and Associate Artistic Director.
    1. Costume designers must include cultural research and consideration in their designs. Cultural appropriation will not be tolerated. 
    2. Lighting designers will be provided resources on lighting non-white actors. 
    3. Hair designers and stylists may not require actors to chemically alter or pay to alter their hair in any way. This includes cut, color and style. 
    4. Makeup designers will be provided resources on makeup for non-white skin. 
  10. Florida Players acknowledges that we work on the stolen lands of the Seminole and Timucua people. It is the responsibility of the Artistic Director to make this known at the start of every production. 

The achievement of the goals outlined in this document is to be reflected on by the outgoing board as a part of the Constitutional revision process at the end of the academic year. The incoming Florida Players Executive Board is to revisit and revise it before the start of the academic year as needed.