Points System

  1. In order to be an official member of Florida Players, one must be active in earning a minimum of 14 points per academic year (or 7 points per semester), meaning that the number of points and the minimum attendance requirements (see 3.) are both completed by the end of the academic year. 
  2. Members of Florida Players must achieve the following minimum attendance requirements by the end of the academic year to be considered an active member.
    1. Minimum attendance of three (3) General Body Meetings (GBM’s)
      1. If an individual is unable to make any GBM’s due to extenuating circumstances (work, conflicting clubs, emergency, etc.) the Secretary may selectively waive this requirement and allow it to be made up. This requirement can be made up through the following:
        1. Attendance at 3 Social Events/Special Events (including workshops, social events, fundraisers, etc.) past the minimum of 1 for member requirements
        2. Providing a confirmation of having read the FP Newsletter through short summary 3 times
        3. Participating in three strike/builds/load in events for FP shows outside of a requirement to be at these events (production/crew/performance in these shows or an eboard member)
        4. Any mix of the above three options, for a total of three recorded attendances.
      2. Please note that this does not automatically include special events/newsletter confirmations/builds (etc.) as the GBM requirement. This is only on an individual, case-to-case basis that occurs through communication with the Florida Players Secretary. 
    2. Minimum attendance of one (1) Social Event (Parties or Workshops)
    3. Minimum attendance of one (1) Special Event (Fundraising or Tabeling)
    4. Minimum [participation in (crew/production/acting/etc.) or attendance of] one (1) Florida Players Production
    5. Minimum of 7 points.
  3. How to Earn Points with Florida Players: See Points Breakdown.
  4. Member status will allow the following:
    1. To vote in any FP election (both Regular and Special)
    2. To vote on Constitutional Changes
    3. To run for any Executive Board positions
    4. To become a Florida Players Mentor
  5. For voter status, the point totals will reset at the end of the academic year and new points must be actively earned to renew this status.
  6. Any member who is inactive for two semesters back-to-back will be removed from our point system and emailing list; if they rejoin they will need to provide their contact information again. 

Points Breakdown

Production and Performance:

Directing: 6 points

Co-Directing: 5 points each

Assistant Directing: 4 points

Writer: Points vary by Length of Written Work:  2 points for 10-20 minutes, 3 points 20-45 minutes, 4 points for 45 minutes-1 hour, 5 points for more than an hour (Accepted Shows that are put on by Florida Players only)

Producing: 3 points

Scene/ Costume/ Lighting/ Projection/ Sound/ Hair/ Makeup Design: 4 points

Assistant/Advising Design: 3 points

Poster Design: 2 points

Stage Managing: 5 points

Assistant Stage Managing: 4 points

Musical Directing: 6 points

Co-Directing Musical: 5 points each

Assistant Musical Directing: 4 points

Choreography: 4 points

Musician: 4 points

Dance/ Fight Captain: 3 points

Auditioning: 2 points

Acting: 4 points

Props Master: 4 points

Sound Board Operator: 4 points

Light Board Operator: 4 points

Production Assistant: 3 points

Running Crew: 3 points

Participating in a Build/Load-In/Strike: 1 – 4 points (Dependent upon technical/production team’s decision) (DOES NOT COUNT FOR SHOW PARTICIPANTS AND BOARD, YOU ARE REQUIRED TO ASSIST).

House managing: 2 points

Ushers: 1 point

Social/Special Events/Fundraisers:

Social Events: 1 point (If there is no sign in at the event, submit evidence to “Points Proof” Google Form)

FP Fundraiser Attendance: 1 point (Submit evidence to “Points Proof” Google Form)

Bringing a non-member to a FP Special Event/Social Event/Fundraiser/Production: 1 extra point for each non-member (Submit evidence to “Points Proof” Google Form)

Attending a Florida Players Production or Florida Players sponsored/partnered production: 1 point (Submit evidence to “Points Proof” Google Form)

Attending any theatrical production: 1 point (Submit evidence to “Points Proof” Google Form)

4 Social Media Promotions: 1 Point (Submit evidence to “Points Proof” Google Form)

Workshops: 1 point

Meeting attendance: 1 point  

Committee Member: 2 points

Proposing a show: 2 points

Tabling for FP: 1 point per hour

Mentor/Mentee Specific Points:

NOTE: These points will go both towards the individuals’ FP Memberships as well as a new program for Mentor/Mentee Points (which will combine the points earned specifically under this section). Only applies to current year pairs.

Mentor: 2 point

Mentee: 1 point

Mentor/Mentee Pair Attendance of Special Event: 2 points (Submit evidence to “Points Proof” Google Form)

Mentor/Mentee Pair Attendance of Fundraiser: 2 points (Submit evidence to “Points Proof” Google Form)

Mentor/Mentee Evidenced Outing*: 2 points (Submit evidence to “Points Proof” Google Form)

Mentor/Mentee Pair Attendance of Mentor/Mentee Event: 2 points (If there is no sign in at the event, submit evidence to “Points Proof” Google Form)

Mentor/Mentee Family Tree Evidenced Meeting/Outing*: 2 points (Grandmentor, etc.) (Submit evidence to “Points Proof” Google Form).

*Evidenced Outings are considered meetups between mentor/mentees that are separate from Florida Players events. For example, if a mentor and mentee went to a museum together (and took a picture together and submitted it to the Google Form), that would be considered a mentor/mentee evidenced outing. But if the “outing” were a Florida Players show or fundraiser, that would not count, as it is connected to the organization. Those points would be given under a separate, specific category.

Have any questions about any matter of points, points breakdown, or your specific points? Email floridaplayers.secretary@gmail.com